12 Piece Brush Set Synthetic

12 Piece Brush Set Synthetic (Vegan Friendly)

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12 Piece Brush Set Synthetic (Vegan Friendly)

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This vegan friendly 12 piece set is made up from the following brushes in the new premium range:

Orange dot 11 - Shapes brows and separates lashes

Orange dot 12 - Applying mascara or combing brows

Orange dot 14 - Very fine eyeliner / filling in of brows

Orange dot 16 - Lipstick application

Orange dot 19 - Eyeshadow application

Orange dot 18 - Applying eyeshadow in crease of eye

Green dot 13 - Eyeshadow application

Green dot 17 - Blending application in the crease

Yellow dot 11 - Highlighting and contouring

Yellow dot 13 - Foundation application

Pink dot 11 - Blush application

Pink dot 13 - Blending foundation

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