12 Piece Brush Set Synthetic

12 Piece Brush Set Synthetic (Vegan Friendly)

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12 Piece Brush Set Synthetic (Vegan Friendly) with Creative Glamour roll-up pouch 

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This vegan friendly 12 piece brush set is expertly curated to include all the essentials to create a complete makeup look. The brushes are all selected from our new premium professional range and come in a gorgeous Creative Glamour roll-up pouch. This convenient pouch has 12 slots for your brushes and makes it easy to both store your brushes safely and travel with ease. It also contains a small pencil bag zip section for make-up or small accessories.  


This set contains:


Orange dot 11 - Shapes brows and separates lashes

Orange dot 12 - Applying mascara or combing brows

Orange dot 14 - Very fine eyeliner / filling in of brows

Orange dot 16 - Lipstick application

Orange dot 19 - Eyeshadow application

Orange dot 18 - Applying eyeshadow in crease of eye

Green dot 13 - Eyeshadow application

Green dot 17 - Blending application in the crease

Yellow dot 11 - Highlighting and contouring

Yellow dot 13 - Foundation application

Pink dot 11 - Blush application

Pink dot 13 - Blending foundation

Creative Glamour roll-up pouch

Creative Glamour Pro brushes are the ultimate combination of form and function and designed to be dense enough to pick up just the right amount of product and yet soft and loose enough to blend seamlessly.

This product is vegan, 100 percent synthetic, and not tested on animals.

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