Consider change

Most of Creative Glamour’s colour cosmetic range is locally produced and we strive to support local suppliers all the time. From ingredients, packaging, labelling and boxing to the final product. Some of our products in our range like our cream foundations are 100% made in RSA and we would love to do this with all of our products.

Our goal is to manufacture all our colour cosmetics in South Africa and only import our accessory line until one day we can even expand this section. At the moment we only import our gel liner and mascara within our colour cosmetic range, and this will be changing soon. We have always been cruelty free and one of our goals is to be 100% vegan-friendly by the end of 2021 and comply with BWC standards.

At Creative Glamour, we aim to provide make-up artists support and create opportunities to generate an additional income by becoming a stockist or joining our loyalty program. We also offer professional discount to qualified make-up artists (15% discount) and make-up students (10% discount for 6 months).

Freedom of choice

We love creating possibilities for our clients. From having the choice to select your own size palette to choosing from our 72 shade eyeshadow and 33 shade lipstick range to even having the possibility of building your own brush set. We hope you love this as much as we do and have fun with the endless possibilities.

Environmentally Conscious

Not only do we strive to deliver high quality products, but we do it with mother nature in mind. We have many refillable packaging options that can be re-used.
Additionally, we have a makeup remover puff that can be re-used, up to 500 times. This is a great way to be more environmentally conscious by not using make-up remover wipes to clean off our make-up.

We have become one of Bioglitter® stockists. This is the most advanced bio-degradable glitter in the world, and we have created some unique colour combinations for you to have fun with.

The Make-up Artist's Choice

Our vision is to make a positive impact in the South African make-up industry and formulate exceptional products with top quality ingredients for all professional make-up artists to ensure exquisite, high preforming and reliable results when used on any television, film or theatre productions. We also aim to make it easier for our make-up enthusiasts to bring forth their creativity and beauty from within to achieve professional make-up artist results. This is also made possible with the expert advice and product knowledge we offer every one of our customers.

Our ever-expanding Special Effects Make-up range with exceptional quality products to create skin, visual and baldness effects for makeup training and on set use. Creative Glamour has recently introduced some Prosthetic pieces to our range, and these make it easy to use when working with limited time periods and continuity on set. Our special effects range offers endless possibilities for all those Halloween creations and 'scaring your parent's' moments. They are safe to use from an early age to start experimenting with and we offer YouTube and Instagram tutorials on how to use these products. We are a proud stockist of Pros-Aide® which is a medical grade adhesive that can be used to make Bondo, block out eyebrows or apply your prosthetic pieces.

We assist each of our clients by providing the best possible service. Our in-house make-up artists provide product knowledge advice and assistance to all customers to ensure they purchase and use each product to its full potential. Alongside more than 50 make-up colleges; some of South Africa’s top and award-winning make-up and visual effects artists trust our products in all aspects of their work. Consider changing your make-up range and support local. Choose Creative Glamour Cosmetics...We are The Make-up Artist’s Choice.

Did you know?

Creative Glamour has and never will make use of animal testing Creative Glamour is striving to become a 100% vegan friendly brand by 2022.

What does “vegan friendly” mean?

A product that does not contain any animal ingredients or animal- derived ingredients. Ingredients include but not limited: Beeswax, Lanolin, Collagen, Carmine, Cholesterol, Gelatin etc.
Ingredients include but not limited: Beeswax, Lanolin, Collagen, Carmine, Cholesterol, Gelatin etc.

Which products in our range are already vegan friendly?

All Lipsticks and Cream Blush Colours
All powders
Setting Sprays
Brush Cleaners
Make-up & SFX Remover
Glitters (also Bio-degradable- see Bio-Glitters)
Mattifying Face Primer
Liquid Foundations
Cream foundations
Colour Correctors and Concealers
Modeling Wax
Aqua Colours
Grease Paints
Alcohol Activated Paints
All Artificial Blood Products
All New Makeup Brushes
O-circle brush

Products that will change in the year 2023:

Eyeshadows (Some shades already available in vegan please look for the sign )
Sparkle Pigments (Vegan options available some in the process of changing)
Gel Liner

Did you know?

95% of Creative Glamour colour cosmetics are produced by our OWN manufacturing company in South Africa

What do we import?

All Brushes and some Accessories