Did you know?

Creative Glamour has and never will make use of animal testing Creative Glamour is striving to become a 100% vegan friendly brand by 2020.

What does “vegan friendly” mean?

A product that does not contain any animal ingredients or animal- derived ingredients.
Ingredients include but not limited: Beeswax, Lanolin, Collagen, Carmine, Cholesterol, Gelatin etc.

Which products in our range are already vegan friendly?

50% of the lipstick range
All powders
Setting Spray
Modeling Wax
Aqua Colours
Grease Paints
All blood products
All new makeup brushes
Handbag brush set
Oval brush sets
7 Piece synthetic brush set
O-circle brush
Makeup and SFX remover
Brush Cleaners

Did you know?

80% of Creative Glamour colour cosmetics are produced by our OWN manufacturing company in South Africa

What do we import?

All brushes and accessories
Gel Liner