10 Shade Standard Lipstick B

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10 Shade Standard Lipstick Palette B

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The standard 10 shade of lipsticks come with an expertly coordinated selection of 6 lighter shades and 4 darker/ brighter shades to take you from a day to a night lip without missing a beat. These highly pigmented lipsticks feel light and creamy on application leaving you with beautifully hydrated lips, whether you are after a touch of colour or something much more vibrant. Still looking for something different, mix any of the lipsticks together to create a colour as unique as you are.

Tip: The lightweight magnetic palette need not be replaced when your colour is up, just order individual refills of your choice.

Colours in the palette: LPO8; LR8, LBP4, LNP9, LS1, LB9, LR7, LB8, LLB1, LS4

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