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Vegan-Friendly Brush Cleaner (Summer Citrus scented)

Brush Cleaner (ml)
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The Brush Cleaner has been designed to instantly clean and disinfect your brushes. With the added benefit of softer conditioned bristles with a fresh summer citrus scent. As an artist it is a fantastic tool to use between clients to clean and sterilize your brushes.

Milage: 50ml / 100ml / 250ml / 1000ml

Use: For quick drying effect

Spray a small amount directly onto the bristles after use 
Swirl brush (figure of 8) on wet wipe / paper towel to remove all residue 
Repeat if necessary and allow to dry (approximately 1-2 minutes for paper towel and 5-10 minutes for wet wipes) 
Timesaver tip: decant cleaner in a small bowl and dip multiple brushes (do not soak) - ideal for professional make-up artists


All make-up brushes should always be cleaned after every use, however if using our Creative Glamour Brush Cleaner then they need only be washed with soap and water once a week (at the end of the day for make-up artists with multi clients). As vegan cosmetic brushes are synthetic, use either dishwashing soap or a regular bar of soap. Professional tools to aid washing include our Brush Egg. These tools are not essential, but aid to dislodge product and grime from nooks and crannies of bristles.

Why we need to clean all make-up brushes: 

  • Prevents skin irritations and breakouts by removing bacterial buildup
  • Regular removal of excess make-up keeps your brushes looking new and lasting longer


Not tested on Animals
Detergent Free
Manufactured by Creative Glamour Cosmetics
Made in South Africa

Keep away from heat and flame 
For external use only. 
Avoid contact with eyes. 
Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 
Keep away from children. 
Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 
Seek medical advice if irritation persists.

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