How to clean make-up brushes like a pro

How to clean make-up brushes like a pro

Creative Glamour answers some dirty questions! How often should you clean your make-up brushes and do you know why you should do it?

Applying make-up is an art and our brushes are our tools. I know that art comes in many forms and some apply make-up with brushes, some with sponges and there are a few that just smear it on with their fingers! One thing I have learnt is that when you apply make-up with the right brush – in the right way – you will be amazed at the results!

Good quality makeup brushes are a serious investment and if taken care of can last for years and years. Gone are the days of wispy, throwaway applicators that come free with products. Now we want our tools to be sustainable and ethical.

Oops, it’s confession time: Most of us spend a fortune on good skin care products that promise us miracles. We wash our faces daily (I hope) and apply the products lovingly, but is that not pointless when we slap make-up on with brushes hoarding weeks worth of foundation and eyeshadow? Yuck!

True fact: Dirty makeup brushes and sponges can make gross things happen to good people.

5 Reasons to motivate you to clean your make-up brushes:

1. Avoid Breakouts: Your makeup brush will pick up make-up, but along the way it also picks up the oil, bacteria and dead skin cells off your face. If you don’t clean your brush you are just going to put that back next time and this can cause breakouts and clogged pores.
2. Reduce skin irritation: Dirt on your brushes can stiffen the bristles and make them harsher to use. Cleaning your brushes will keep your brushes supple and soft – remember it is your face and not last nights pot and foundation looks better streak-free!
Still not running to clean your brushes… well, read some more…
3. Prevent viral infections: The cold sore virus (herpes), pink eye and even the virus that causes the common cold can live on your brush. Think about that every time your bestie reaches for your favourite brush! 
4. Avoid germs: A dirty makeup brush is also going to transfer germs to your products, which can affect their shelf life. 
5. Make your makeup brushes last longer: The better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

Now that I have both horrified and motivated you in equal dosages, I better share the top techniques for brush cleaning newbies:

Brushes should be cleaned after every use… yes, that was not a typo! Before you become despondent, let's introduce you to our vegan-friendly summer citrus brush cleaning spray. One spritz with our brush cleaner means that you only need to use soap and water once a week (at the end of the day for makeup artists with multi clients).

Now that we are all calm again, sit down and let me explain this easy process.

Daily Cleaning with Creative Glamour Brush Cleaner:

Our Summer Citrus scented Brush Cleaner has been designed to instantly clean, condition and disinfect your brushes.
*sized from 50ml to 1000ml bottles

· Spray a small amount directly onto the bristles after use
· Swirl brush (figure of 8) on wet wipe/ paper towel to remove all residue
· Repeat if necessary and allow to dry (approximately 1-2 minutes for paper towel and 5-10 minutes for wet wipes)
Timesaver tip: Decant cleaner in a small bowl and dip multiple brushes (do not soak) – ideal for professional make-up artists


All make-up brushes should be cleaned after every use, however if using Creative Glamour’s Brush Cleaner then they need only be washed with soap and water after 5-7 uses. As vegan cosmetic brushes are synthetic, use either dishwashing soap or a regular bar of soap. Professional tools to aid washing include our Brush Egg or a brush cleaning pad or glove – These are not essential, but an aid to dislodge product and grime from nooks and crannies of bristles.

How to wash your brushes:

· Squeeze a small dollop of soap onto the palm of your hand (or professional tool)
· Swirl bristles (figure of 8) in soap - a regular bar of soap works the fastest
· Never soak your brushes in water – you don’t want your brushes to behave as if it’s moulting season!
· Try to avoid being too vigorous by the joint, between the bristles and the handle as this can loosen the glue over time
· Rinse well with water
· Gently shake brushes then squeeze off excess water starting at the handle and working to the tip of the brush
· Reshape bristles
· Lay brushes flat on a towel to dry (do not dry upright as this can cause water to enter the ferrule of the brush and cause damage over time)

So lets polish up your brush hygiene habits because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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