Colour correcting 101

Colour correcting 101

Has the makeup industry lost the plot when it comes to colour correctors? Advertising has us believe that armed with a few opposing colours we can hide all imperfections and just glow. We are enthusiastically encouraged to smear these colours all over, changing the parts of us that make us interesting and unique. Some of the videos honestly remind me a little of my childhood paintings and trust me, I still can’t paint.

Now I know there are still a small group of you that are thinking… ”What the heck are colour correctors? I have only just started using a concealer with my foundation!” Colour correctors are those weirdly colourful pots found in the general vicinity of the concealers. Colour correctors work on the principle that colours directly opposite each other on the colour wheel cancel (neutralize) each other and in this way mask imperfections by making them fade away.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a definite need for colour correctors, but don’t use colours you don’t need. This is a spot treatment meant for areas and lesions that can’t be covered with your normal makeup. I believe makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty and uniqueness and not there to make you look like a completely different person. This reminds me a little of the first few months of my marriage. I have to share that I made sure that I woke up before my husband, dashed off to the bathroom, quickly put on a little makeup and jumped back into bed so that I looked just gorgeously fresh when he opened his eyes. We forget that we are all uniquely gorgeous just the way we are and fortunately my hubby now needs reading glasses so he is none the wiser.

Those of us lucky enough to be using Creative Glamour concealers will know that they are highly pigmented and therefore offer excellent coverage practically eliminating the need for colour correctors. So when would we recommend Creative Glamour colour correctors? Our colour correctors are ideal when you want to appear as if you are not wearing anything at all as our colour correctors will just neutralise the problem area and make it fade away.

When to use a colour corrector:

Rosacea, acne, acne scars, sunburn 
Have an annoying zit, an acne scar or something a little more widespread like rosacea then our green colour-corrector is the perfect solution. In this day and age, we all know better than to get sunburnt so let us not even go there!

Under-eye circles (blue undertone), bruising
If under-eye circles are driving you to distraction then our orange colour-corrector is your next best friend. Also great for bruising… though hopefully we don’t need to hide too many of those!!

Sallow undertones, old bruises
If your skin is looking a little dull, washed out and yellow (sallow undertone) then our lilac colour-corrector will have you brightened up in no time. With our rainbow nation we have so many skin tones and colours and we must equally love all our different colours. I think we should show restraint and rather enhance the colour of our skin instead of trying to change it.

Under-eye circles (purple undertone), bruising
If under-eye circles tend to have a more purple hue to them, then our yellow colour colour-corrector pot will be more effective than the orange. If your bruise is more purplish than blue then our yellow colour corrector pot will also work best.

If you want to try one of Creative Glamour’s colour correctors then remember that they are concentrated, so show restraint as a small amount can conceal and correct a number of imperfections. The bonus is that, like our foundations and concealers, they help to control excess oil whilst treating your skin to some added Shea Butter.

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