Shopping for Empowerment

Shopping for Empowerment

Make a difference this year, stand up, speak out and get shopping darling!  

With Creative Glamour speaking out against Abused Women we suggest some serious online shopping to show your support. This powerful initiative will see 10% of all profits generated from online sales on the 9th of August going towards worthy charities supporting Abused Women. It is the perfect time to get online and grab that power-lipstick or eye shadow palette that you have been dreaming about.

Creative Glamour is all about women and empowerment. Started by, Cecilia Grobler, a South African woman with a vision to create an iconic cosmetic brand using only the best vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, it continues to expand and evolve creating work opportunities for other South African women.

What isn’t there to love about the month of August. It is the month where we encourage women to be bold, to recognize their self-worth and to say no to violence and discrimination.

On Women’s Day, we all need to remind our daughters that life is not about being princesses and damsels in distress. Let’s tell them instead to strive to be literary legends, doctors, lawyers, artists, dreamers and of course…makeup artists! They must be believers in themselves instead of believing in happily ever after. It is a time to celebrate our empowerment and remember that over 20 000 South African women of all races marched to parliament in 1956 to state that they did not only belong “in the kitchen”. I personally think that my husband looks great in an apron!

Looking for some other ideas on how you can make a difference:

- Hold a themed high tea or shared lunch, with women speakers
- Profile your organization’s amazing women on your website
- Send an email to staff to raise awareness of the day (or share this blog)
- Hold a seminar with keynote speeches by women in your industry

When we look further than the endorphin rush as we pick up the latest shade of red lipstick, we will find quite interesting documented views on why we all love makeup. The emotional benefits of makeup are quite an eye-opener, whilst the perception of others is equally intriguing. Research highlights that people perceived women who wear makeup as being healthier and earning more money, as displaying greater competence, likability and trustwor­thiness, as well as appearing more prestigious and dominant. If they are waitresses they even get bigger tips! A test done on 186 female students in 2017 proved that women feel smarter when they wear makeup. So next time you pick up your makeup bag you will understand the magical connection you have with it.

Some of us might see Woman’s Day as a second Mother’s day (regardless of whether we have had children or not) and spend it in the spa pampering ourselves or just having fun with the family and friends. Please don’t feel alone as I find that quite a tempting proposal myself and intend to spend an hour or two indulging in self-love! But Woman’s Day is more than just feeling beautiful. Change occurs not by your thoughts, but by your actions. Be the change!

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