Your perfect match to a flawless complexion

Your perfect match to a flawless complexion

Everything lasts longer when powder or setting spray is in the mix, so which is perfect for you? Understanding how to use the tools in your beauty kit is very important to create the smooth, healthy, youthful-looking skin we all love.

Translucent powders, HD powders and setting sprays? Intimidated? Make-up newbies might well be tempted to skip this part, but adding this one simple step to your routine can cause a drastic difference to your complexion and look.

Firstly we need to look at the canvas (our skin). Get this part wrong and you might resemble one of those ghostly white faces from years gone by. Did you also have an elderly aunt that always looked like she tripped into the talc pot on her way to the door? We all had that one aunt with the “cake face”, right?  At the same time, whilst everyone wants that sexy glow, we don’t want to look greasy or as if we had a wrestling match in a pot of coconut oil. The texture and condition of our skin determine exactly what we need to make that vibrant lasting impression.

Let's take a walk along the fine lines. I’m talking to those with a more mature dry skin or those of us starting with a subtle collection of well earned laughing lines. Best to leave the Translucent Powders and rather head off to our HD Translucent Powders or Setting Spray. You can safely make them your new go-to for fabulocity! 

Why we like our HD Translucent Powder:

· Helps to blur the lines when taking photographs. Who doesn’t want that, especially around the holiday season!
· Available in a universal translucent white shade which blends in perfectly with any skin tone…so don’t panic when you see the colour.
· Also available in tinted shades to add some additional colour if you prefer.
· Sets your makeup with light-weight coverage which is exactly what a mature skin needs

Why our Setting Spray is so popular:

· It sets your makeup whilst giving you a long-lasting youthful dewy glow. I’ll say yes please to that!

Want a killer combination? Try our HD Translucent Powder along your t-panel and use our Setting Spray for the rest. Do this once and you will ❤ me forever.

If you have oily skin then set your makeup with our Translucent Powder.

Why Translucent Powder is perfect for oily skin:

· Sets your look so that it can last all day while controlling that dreaded shine with its mattifying properties.
· Powders with pigment (a hint of colour) mask textural imperfections as well as discolourations and ours come in a variety of shades to suit different skin tones.  

Now that we have covered the basics we have to talk about baking, and I am sadly not talking about the latest red velvet cheesecake recipe. Yum!

Why do we bake? When one has excessively oily skin, baking allows for you to stay matt all day long. Yay! Basically, baking your makeup is when you apply Translucent Powder liberally over your face, after foundation and concealer, and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. Do not use HD Translucent Powder as it is designed for camera work and can therefore cause flashback if used to heavily. You might look a little like a clown at this stage, so lets not be taking any video calls at this moment! The heat from your face sets both your foundation and concealer. Once enough time has passed, you dust the excess powder off your face, smooth away any harsh edges with your foundation brush, and voilà!

You can find your perfect match, whether you are looking for a sexy summer glow, or something to control your shine, blur lines or hide visible pores. Creative Glamour has you covered to maintain a flawless complexion all day long.

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