Guilt-free Biodegradable glitter, Creative Glamour’s Bioglitter® Revolution

Guilt-free Biodegradable glitter, Creative Glamour’s Bioglitter® Revolution

Have you ever had the urge to just bath in glitter or perhaps even just sprinkle it on possibly everything your eyes see and hands touch? Yip; me too! Glitter just gives you a feeling of happiness and euphoria. Scientists say that humans and animals are naturally drawn to shiny things because our brains associate it with water, and we have an innate desire for it.

Biodegradable Glitter

As a proud Creative Glamour girl, I would like to share some very exciting news. Creative Glamour has taken “litter out of glitter” and officially brings you guilt-free glitter! Yes, you read right; guilt-free glitter. This unique glitter ticks all those green boxes. I know what you’re thinking; how is this possible and why is it important?

Well, we have done extensive research as to how we can offer our customers the best glitter on the market, and we have finally found it. We will be selling the world's leading glitter having received numerous awards.

Bio-glitter® scooped up two prestigious awards in Asia:
It claimed the top prize in the green & sustainable category at the PHCI foundation awards in China in 2019.
 It won Gold at the make-up bar awards two years in a row!

We will now be taking this multi-award-winning Bio-glitter® and making our very own gorgeous combinations with a mix of the Bio-glitter® Pure (world’s only certified fresh water biodegradable glitter brand) and the Bio-glitter® Sparkle range (87% biodegradation achieved in only 28 days). Once again Creative Glamour has achieved another one of our goals for 2020. Most importantly this glitter aligns with Creative Glamour’s values as it is ethically sourced and derived from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.

 Glitters no. 1-12 are from the Bio-glitter® Pure range of which number 10-12 are our uniquely blended creations
 Glitters no. 13-20 are our creative blends made from the Pure & Sparkle Bio-glitter® range
 Glitters no. 21-32 are standard from the Sparkle Bio-glitter® range

There are so many traumatic and catastrophic things happening simultaneously in our world, that sparkly things just offer a celebratory moment or the sense of finding a silver lining. It evokes a feeling of optimism and hope that good things are to come.

What's wrong with traditional glitter?

Well, it’s made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate – in layman’s terms: polyester), which is a plastic classified as a pollutant. And just like other microplastics and microbeads, glitter gets into our waterways which eventually harm our marine life and is easily inhaled and can even stay in your lungs. It is said that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean of which 92.4% are microplastics (glitter being a form of these microplastics), it's honestly a global hazard. Some say glitter is part of the litter killing us.

However, not at Creative Glamour! These new glitters are GUARANTEED to biodegrade in a natural, freshwater environment. So, once it enters the natural environment (aka; farmers’ fields, wastewater & rivers) microbes will consume the content of the glitter and turn it into carbon dioxide, biomass and water. It’s not ecotoxic to fish or other aquatic life – isn’t that amazing?

Not only are these new glitters guilt-free, but because of its cellulose content, it is softer than traditional glitter, making it extremely comfortable when used on the skin (can this get any better) and it offers a beautiful soft-focus iridescent effect.

Facts you should know:

 It’s silky soft on the skin, compared to polyester glitter
 It is also sparkly
 GMO-free and indistinguishable from polyester glitter
 It's suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is allergen-free

A few ways you could use our new pure Bio-glitter® range:

 Bio-glitter® is being globally cosmetic approved making it suitable for most colour cosmetic applications.
 It’s silky feel is a lot more comfortable on the skin than traditional plastic glitter.
 It can be used on the eye area so embrace that perfect cut-crease.
 It is heat resistant to over 100°C and can, therefore, be processed into lipstick and lip-gloss.
 You can use it in nail art, UV and water-based nail varnish applications.
 Mix it with your hair products, and it is less likely to irritate your scalp due to its soft properties and when washed off you can be certain it will naturally degrade.
 Suitable to use loosely with a fixative gel or with our Setting spray.
 It can be used for body art, on top of tattoos and it can give the festival goer a subtle shimmer with the smaller sizes or the ultimate “bling” appeal with the larger sizes.
 Our blend colours (13-20) are made up from 50-70% of the pure range with some of the “sparkle” colour range to intensify the sparkle in these colours.
 We have such a variety of colours and sizes that you can finally obtain the perfect ‘mermaid’ or ‘unicorn’ look.
 Use to make your own bath bombs, soaps and shower gels (when using glitter in large quantities) rather opt for the pure range (colours 1-12) as it is an eco-friendly alternative for microbeads- so it’s time to get creative.

But most of all, our Bio-glitter® is suitable for professional makeup artists. Whether you prefer doing makeup for the stage, big screen, pro-shoots, special occasions or festivals you can be rest assured, knowing you will use only the best. Our pro-tip would be to use Pros-Aide & our orange dot brush no.13 (both of which can be purchased at our online store) to create an elegant & sparkly cut crease look.

It is now time to become part of the guilt-free glitter revolution. It’s easy; purchase online from us, we deliver to your door and you still get to sparkle but this time - not at the expense of Mother Nature.

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