Misconceptions about Cream Foundation

Misconceptions about Cream Foundation

From powders to liquids and creams there are so many foundation options out there, it can be quite overwhelming. So today we are going to have a little chit-chat about our cream foundations but before we tell you the secrets behind our cream foundation let us have a look at a few common misconceptions many people have about cream foundations.

“Foundation will clog my pores!”

I am sure your mom or grandmother has told you on at least one occasion that you should not wear that foundation as it is going to clog your pores and lead to the dreaded acne which will take months to get rid of. The foundation nowadays are so advanced and go through so many tests you can be rest assured it should not be the main cause of acne. Hormones, allergies, unsanitary habits, medication, bacteria and let us not forget all those emotions; are generally the causes of acne. Keeping your brushes sanitised and your products sealed will help keep bacteria at bay.

“Cream foundations create a mask on one’s face.”

If you have chosen a colour that does not match your skin tone it is possible that it could look like you have applied a face mask. But with the correct colour choice, and application technique, you will be able to seamlessly blend the foundation in, so it does not create a mask-like effect.

“Foundation is bad for your skin.”

Whenever I hear this, I always wonder what “bad” means to that person. To me, too much of anything is never a good thing. Wearing makeup to bed is definitely on my ‘not the greatest decision list’ and on the contrary wearing foundation could actually do your skin more good than harm. Many foundations are formulated to provide the skin with moisturising effects and protect the skin against environmental factors such as the sun's rays.

“The result is all product dependent.”

Nope, that is not the only factor contributing to your finished result. From sponges to fingers and brushes; the way you apply your product has everything to do with your result. For a lighter minimalistic coverage try using our foundation blending sponge damp. When looking for heavier-full coverage, a foundation brush is going to be your best bet. Fingers often come in handy in those ‘I have no time to get ready’ moments or even just doing a tiny touch up when no brush or sponge is near.

Now that we have cleared a few of those up let us tell you a little more about our Cream foundation.

Cream foundations were generally only used by industry professionals in films and stage but thanks to social media and a boom in the makeup industry and techniques used such as highlighting and contouring it's being used more and more by makeup enthusiasts. With a single pot costing less than R100 and lasting up to two months, our range of colours makes it an ideal choice for your skin and pocket. Purchasing two different shades will ensure you have a colour perfect for summer and winter. Combining two to custom blend your perfect shade. Creative Glamour offers professional advice to all our clients, whether it's in person or telephonically. You will soon become your own Pro at home.

Professional tips and facts

Our foundation is formulated to achieve a medium to full coverage and setting it with our Translucent Powder makes it a great combination for an oilier skin type. If you love that full coverage look but have a combination to dry skin, the HD powder is the perfect way to lightly set your foundation to last all day. If you are after that “barely there” look you can always mix some foundation with your moisturizer and apply it with a damp foundation blending sponge, this will provide a more sheer look or opt for our liquid foundation. For a medium coverage buff your foundation in with pink dot 13 to achieve an airbrushed look and for full coverage try using our pink dot 12, it is honestly our favourite foundation brush. For a professional blending brush, yellow dot 11 is an amazing way to blend foundations to give you that flawless look every time. Blending your foundation down your jaw line will take away any mask like effect.

Not only is our foundation ideal for everyday wear, it has been formulated for photographic and film work allowing you to capture that gorgeous beauty shot every time. It’s finally time to say bye to that beauty selfie mode because #nofilterneeded.

Our vegan formulation not only makes our cream foundation smooth and blendable but it also doesn’t increase shine, but keeps skin slightly moisturised thanks to the added shea butter. Time to treat that skin while looking fabulous and more matt than most cream foundations.

We are very proud to say our cream foundation is 100% made in South Africa by us, Creative Glamour. From packaging to labelling, our cream foundations are 100% locally manufactured.

So next time you are looking for a foundation that will give you a Professional makeup finish without exorbitant pro pricing, you can trust in us. Its time to support your local brand. After all we are the Makeup Artist's choice.

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