As a professional make-up brand, we looked at the need for a face contouring and highlighting range that not only creates the desired effect but also translates well into “real life”. What do we mean by that? As you might have experienced, the vast highlighting and contouring ranges out there, can often create a frightful look when used in a studio with harsh lighting.


Introducing our C·B·H range!
C·B·H might sound very technical, but it is only an abbreviation for:

· Contour
· Blush
· Highlight


Did someone say vegan?

Our New and Improved, Vegan C·B·H range is available in universally flattering shades to suit every skin tone. The new range is available in small and large size options making it possible for you to purchase them individually, or create your own beautiful Contour, Blush and Highlight palettes. Not only do these shades work beautifully on cheekbones, hollows, and apples of the cheek but they are amazing to use as eyeshadows or transition shades as the C·B·H range offers a softer, less pigmented colour payoff than our eyeshadow range and is ideal for someone desiring a softer, more natural eye colour.


What about the texture and pigment?

The velvety texture, pigment, and longevity of the C·B·H range make them the ideal shades to use daily or have in a Pro-Make-up artist kit. But what makes this C·B·H range extra special is the specific colour selection. We did extensive research and took our time developing these unique and beautiful shades, creating the perfect range to simplify this difficult and often overwhelming task of highlighting and contouring. From light to dark, cool to warm and even deep tones, you will find it easier to create a selection that is best suited for yourself. If you are a Pro-MUA you will fall in love with the entire range, as there are shades that will work for all your clientele. You will most certainly, find yourself deliberating on which shades to choose from, you will desire them all!


Easy to go from a Nude to Glam look in an instant.

From very natural to full-on glam, you will be sure to find your favourite C·B·H shade. Each C·B·H round, whether it is small or large, comes in a refillable magnetic compact holder, the beautiful transparent lid makes it easy to view the shade. The small single compact is the same size as our single eyeshadow and is only suitable for the small C·B·H round. If one single is not enough, you can select several shades and create a palette of your choice. Choose between; a create your own 4-Shade or 10-Shade Palette, fill these with all the shades you have selected from the C·B·H range. And if this is still not enough, and you want more C·B·H shades, build your own 24-Shade Palette or even a 39-Shade Combo Palette, this way you can add additional eyeshadows or even lipsticks into your selection. The large compact can house one large sized C·B·H round. If you are wanting the large C·B·H in a palette, there are numerous options to choose from with our Combo Palette. You could have up to 8 large C·B·H shades and fill your palette with 7 smaller shades. We have 6 Combo Palette layout options to choose from:



What makes our Creative Glamour range unique?

The moment your favourite shade is finished, simply order your refill, and replace that specific shade. Yes, it is that easy! All palettes are magnetized and refillable. Pop the finished shade out of the palette, look at the back of the shade to find the shade’s name, head to our website and order your refill in that specific size. Once you receive your order, pop it back into your palette. Ordering your favourite C·B·H is so easy!



Small: >2g


Large: >8g




Apply the C·B·H shade to the specific area on the face/eyes/body using your favourite Creative Glamour brush. To purchase your favourite brush, brush set or create your own brush set, view our brush range.


How would we describe each shade?

Highlight C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Highlighter – This illuminating shade has perfect tints of bronze, silver, and gold. This trio-combo of shades is the perfect highlighter for light to medium skin tones.

Highlight-Bronzer C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Highlighter / Bronzer – This illuminating shade offers a combination of golden and bronze hues, making it the ideal highlighter for darker skin tones or a bronzer for light to medium skin tones.

Rose-Gold C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Rose Gold – This beautiful shade offers just the right amount of rouge, leaving your cheeks with that flushed effect you desire but with an added golden-bronze glow. This C·B·H shade is very universal, and can be used as a highlighter, bronzer or blush depending on your skin tone and effect you desire.

Pastel-Blush C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Pastel Blush – Lighting up your face with a little colour to your cheeks has never been this easy. The pastel blush shade is the perfect selection of colours providing a cool undertone blush shade with a tiny bit of shimmer without any of the overwhelming yellow tones often present in blush shades. This blush is perfect for a fair and light skin tones.

Flamingo-Blush C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Flamingo Blush – Inspired by the peachy-pink flamingos, this C·B·H has a peachy to warmer, light pink tone. A blush shade perfect for fair to light skin tones.

Cheeky-Blush C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Cheeky Blush – A brighter pink shade adding a pop of colour to your cheek area, suitable for most skin shades.

Autumn-Blush C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Autumn Blush – This is the perfect selection of rich coloured hues, creating a warm colour which will add some natural flush back to your cheeks. Adding this C·B·H to your cheek will seamlessly blend in with your natural skin tone. This is a warm blush suitable for most skin tones, if you love a tanned or sun kissed appearance, this is the perfect shade for you.

Flame-Blush C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Flame Blush – The most beautiful deep, warm, and shimmery blush shade. This warm copper hue is suitable for medium to darker skin tones.

Deep-Blush C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Deep Blush – A deep cooler tone blush with a touch of a coppery-gold shimmer. This C·B·H is the perfect shade for darker skin tones.

Light-C-Contour C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Light(C) Contour – A cool undertone contour that provides the perfect shadowing effect. As far as a contour colour goes, this provides the perfect intensity of shadowing that would be best suited for a cooler undertone lighter skin tone.

Light-W-Contour C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Light(W) Contour – A warm but light contour shade designed for a lighter to medium yellow undertone skin. Adding this soft warm contour will seamlessly blend in with your natural undertone of your skin whilst still providing that shadowing effect. This is a good option for those who have a more tanned looking skin. A contour for those with a warmer but light skin tone.

Medium-Contour C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Medium Contour –This medium contour provides the perfect combination of a little warmth and a good amount of coolness for creating shadowing effects. It is a very universal contour shade and can be used for a light-medium, medium, and medium-dark skin tone. The most universal contour shade.

Deep-Contour C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Deep Contour – A contour with just the right amount of coolness to create the perfect shadowing effect giving definition to a darker skin tone without leaving any ashy-ness present. A dark cooler undertone contour shade, suitable for medium to darker skin shades.

Dark-W-Contour C·B·H.jpg

C·B·H Dark(W) Contour – Formulated to provide richness and warmth, this is a great contour for a warmer skin tone. This C·B·H is best suited for a medium to darker skin shades.

Ready to try our C·B·H Range?

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