Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

This is a season all about wonder and delight whether shared with family, friends or the new neighbour next door. Our Christmas trees are glittering with sparkling goodness and the floor beneath it impatiently waiting to be filled with a promising array of colourful gifts.

With the festive season heating up we are all dashing around looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift and the must-have stocking fillers. Secret Santa is about mystery, the excitement and the joy of knowing that someone is thinking about you. It is the thrill of opening something, but more than that, it is the magic of connection.

There are many variations to the Secret Santa game. Some say it started as a Scandinavian tradition of knocking on someone’s door, throwing a present inside when it opens, then running away. They call this Juklapp, or “knocking Christmas.” Others say it stems from German legend about St. Nick’s helpers who handed out presents to all the “good” kids. One thing is certain, this well-loved tradition continues to grow and evolve over the years.

In our family, it all starts with making our own Christmas Crackers. Hunting for that inexpensive treasure that won’t just be cast aside and forgotten is a wonderful challenge for us. I must confess that on occasion we have added a battery operated bug or a fart bag for that person who always enjoys a laugh, but you can be guaranteed that our glitters will definitely find their way into a few crackers this year. If you’re looking for Secret Santa ideas we’ve got you covered, glitter is the perfect well-priced add-on! They can be applied to your body, your face, as eyeshadow or for the truly bold, as lipstick. When exploring Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, if price and glamour are on your mind, glitter is a suitable choice! Even that grumpy aunt inspecting your table arrangement will look more cheerful with a magical sparkle.

Excitement mounts as Secret Santa time approaches (or agitation if you’ve yet to find the perfect Secret Santa gift). For those that don’t know the Secret Santa rules here is how it works; all participants names are placed in a hat or box. Each person then chooses a name out of the box and must buy a gift for the chosen coworker, friend or family member. A price limit is set, to ensure the equality of gifts, usually the quota is in intervals of R50. Fortunately makeup is well suited to the game of Secret Santa, with many options depending on your chosen price bracket.

Gifts for R100 and under

Glitters + Orange Dot Brush 18 
Single Set Eyelash + Glue 
Oval Foundation Sponge + Cream Foundation 
Makeup Remover Puff + Mini blending sponge + Disposable Mascara Wands

Gifts for R150 and under

Lipstick Bullet + Glitter 
Handbag Brush Set + Makeup Remover Puff 
Handbag Brush Set + 2x Glitters 
Foundation Blending Sponge + Foundation / Concealer/ Colour Corrector

Gifts for R200 and under

Waterproof Gel Eyeliner + Glitter
Intensifying Waterproof Mascara + Orange Dot Brush 11 
Translucent Powder + Setting Spray 
Mattifying Face Primer + Makeup Remover Puff
Sparkles + Mixing & Lining Liquid

Always remember not to include your name when wrapping the gift as part of the fun is guessing who the gift came from.

Gift ideas

Being the hottest time of the year you might know someone yearning for that beautiful sun-kissed look making our bronzing powder a must. If your skin is light-toned it is the perfect powder to give you a healthy glow and if you are dark skinned it is ideal to highlight your beautiful features. Intensifying waterproof mascara or waterproof gel eyeliner is the ideal gift for those wanting to splash about in the pool or for those relaxing on the sun lounger after that big Christmas lunch. You might know someone hoping for that romantic kiss under the Mistletoe. Why not give them a bold eye-catching lipstick bullet to grab attention. The creamy textures will have lips feeling soft, smooth and confident – the rest is up to them.

Remember, the most important part about your Secret Santa gift is making sure you put thought into it! So don’t be afraid to explore all options. However, when in doubt glitter, glitter and more glitter is a philosophy we like to live by, if you’d like more shopping options be sure to explore our store, enjoy and happy holidays!

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