Self Love and Makeup

Self Love and Makeup

With February’s arrival, love sits hot and tangible in the air. Many breathtaking weddings are planned around this wonderfully sultry month and of course, we cannot forget Valentine’s Day. It demands our attention as we browse through our favourite stores and all those beautifully decorated chocolates lining the grocery shelves just scream “Eat me, eat me, eat me! “ I am a true romantic and this love-hate relationship I have with Valentine’s Day all started many years ago when our doorbell rang and there, on the stoep, stood a sweet little boy nervously clutching a teddy bear.

Although I was off to a great start, the reality is that that doorbell definitely did not ring every year. Our culture brings a pressure that leaves many people feeling alone, lonely, disappointed or even feeling like a failure on Valentine’s Day. Well, I say that is Rediculous with a capital R!! Who said we have to hinge our happiness on someone else deciding to send us gifts? It is time to be your own #1 fan. Choose now…yes, I mean right now… to empower yourself and embrace a day of self-love.

Grab this day enthusiastically and indulge in candlelit bubble baths, face masks and all things beautiful. Do it with a glass of bubbles in hand, a herbal tea, veggie juice or that much-needed kick of caffeine….who am I to judge. Why not spend a day pampering yourself, you so deserve it!! Whether your day ends with a date with a loved one, a healthy lunch with your bestie or drinks with a blind-date organised by little Missy Matchmaker working next to you, we want you to feel confident and gorgeous!

When I think of looking good I think of an alluring red lip or a provocative cat-eye, but this year lets just run amok, throw caution to the wind and be colourful inside and out. It’s about taking the time to take care of yourself, expressing your creativity through makeup, and feeling confident about being in your own skin.

In honour of the beauty of you, we have created a look perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day that you are looking for that extra WOW factor. Remember that when you look good, you feel good and self-care is vital for a healthier you. Little moments really can add up to big results!

Watch the tutorial

List of products used in the tutorial:


Highlighting:  Creative Glamour concealer pot no. 9 and 12

Contouring: Creative Glamour concealer pot no. 15

Foundation: Creative Glamour concealer pot no. 11, 13 and 15

Powder: Creative Glamour translucent loose powder no.3 and 5


Sparkles:  Creative Glamour Silver and Vanilla Sparkle pots

Creative Glamour eyeshadow shades: Purple, Dark Purple, Black, Blossom, Nite Light, Pale Honey

Eyeliner: Creative Glamour Gel eyeliner

Mascara: Creative Glamour Intensifying Waterproof Mascara

Eyelashes: Creative Glamour Eyelashes and Glue set with Eyelash Tweezer


Creative Glamour Exotic Spice


Cheek contour: Creative Glamour D Choc, Chocolate and Caramel

Cheek highlighter/ bronzer: Creative Glamour Dusty, Shine and Candy F

Apple of Cheek: Creative Glamour Shy Peach and Blossom


Creative Glamour: LPO1- Orchid and LP08 – Sugar Plum

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